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Real Estate: Owners/Leasing

Real Estate: Owners/Leasing

The relationship between a landlord and a tenant can be complex and emotionally charged. Both tenants and landlords have rights and responsibilities.

“Good fences make good neighbors”
Robert Frost – Mending Wall

Unless the fence is not on the property line, blocks an easement, is not maintained, or falls over in a storm. Many real estate disagreements occur between neighbors, and, unfortunately, they cannot all be easily resolved.

Our firm handles all types of real estate disputes, including easement rights; boundary questions; water rights; protections from flood risks, which may increase by changes to adjacent property; and quiet title actions among various claimants to particular ownership of property

To schedule a consultation, please contact us at (916) 440-8600 or by email.

Often, litigation concerns contract disputes, such as the operation and effect of purchase and sale agreements, option agreements, and leases.

We attempt negotiation before a suit is filed and vindicate our client’s rights, if they cannot be protected by other means.

Sometimes the best advice to give a client or the appropriate request of an opponent is to observe the skepticism of Mr. Frost: “Before I built a wall I’d ask to know what I was walling in or walling out, and to whom I was like to give offence. Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, that wants it down!”