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Shareholder/Partner/Member Rights

Shareholder/Partner/Member Rights

We understand that one of the worst “business” activities is litigation – it takes time, costs money, and distracts a company from its core efforts to grow and be profitable.

We also know that sometimes there is no real alternative to litigation, whether our clients have been named as defendants or no other strategy has been successful in obtaining a remedy to a commercial dispute. Conflicts between businesses can range from contract issues to anti-competitive or unfair business practices under State or federal antitrust or commercial practices statutes.

Within a business entity, disagreements among owners over access to information, control of business operations, or downright theft of funds or assets can result in litigation alleging multiple causes of action.

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The enforcement of owner rights and responsibilities, whether as partners, shareholders, or limited liability company members is also vital to business success.

If owners decide to wind down the business, or an owner leaves the company, we advise our clients on their ownership rights to information and fair compensation for the departing owner’s interest.

Our firm handles all of these issues, which may arise in cases filed in State and District Court. We represent companies and owners who have been sued or, on occasion, the plaintiffs in a business dispute. Our clients count on us to pursue the best outcome at the earliest opportunity, so they can return to focusing on opportunities for business success.