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State and Local Tax

State and Local Tax

Tax Planning

Operating a business nationwide from a single location has never been easier. Entering new markets, however, exposes businesses to a variety of new legal obligations. Chief among them, of course, is proper compliance with a new state’s tax law. Conducting business through independent contractors, temporarily renting storage, hiring a single employee, or making sales through the internet can expose your business to new tax responsibilities.

As state and local jurisdictions increasingly face tighter budgetary climates, failing to plan appropriately can expose businesses to significant costs in the form of interest and penalties. Our attorneys can help you manage these risks by proactively planning for the three primary pillars of state and local tax: income tax, sales and use tax, and property tax.

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Tax Controversy

If owners decide to wind down the business, or an owner leaves the company, we advise our clients on their ownership rights to information and fair compensation for the departing owner’s interest.

If the opportunity to plan has passed and the government has contacted your business, failing to manage tax controversies can be costly. Engaging counsel early can significantly reduce or eliminate assessments levied against your business. Our attorneys counsel clients on options for mounting a proper defense in protesting assessments, appealing decisions, and litigating in court. Our attorneys have represented businesses before administrative bodies and state and federal court.