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Computer and Internet Crimes

Computer and Internet Crimes

Prosecution of computer and internet crimes in both state and federal court have risen dramatically in recent years.

We consider it our job to stay on top of technological developments that will help our clients.  This is especially important when defending computer and internet crimes. When a client comes to us we take the time up front to meet with them and learn about them.  From there we can build the best possible defense for our clients.  We tell it like it is and our clients are kept informed of the work we are doing on their case.

In these cases it is imperative to have a lawyer who understands technology and can explain it to judges and juries.  We have found in some cases that law enforcement simply does not understand the technology they are dealing with or the applicable law.

It is also extremely important to have a lawyer who relies on help from top notch experts to assist in buidling a defense against these allegations.

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