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Environmental Crimes

Environmental Crimes

Environmental crimes are actions or omissions that violate standards set by local, state and federal governments to safeguard the environment and protect human health.

Environmental crimes may be prosecuted against individuals or corporations that violate federal environmental statutes relating to clean air, drinking water, use of pesticides, atomic energy, toxic substances and solid waste disposal.

Environmental charges, or even an investigation, can ruin your business and cost you dearly. Even the smallest violation of strict liability environmental crimes can be financially disastrous. EPA regulations regarding environmental crimes are voluminous, technical and complicated.

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The best defense against environmental crime allegations is often negotiation.

Our goal is always to prevent environmental crime charges from being filed. If a trial is inevitable,we know how to build a strong team of experts to mount a forceful and aggressive defense against environmental crime allegations.

If your company has been charged with any environmental crime, the best way to ensure that your business will remain viable and that your options remain open is to contact us as soon as possible.