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Federal Crime

Federal Crime

Federal crimes are aggressively investigated and prosecuted.

Federal crime can be anything from fraud to drug crimes to sex crimes. Often times people learn they are being investigated in connection with a federal crime when they receive a target or subject letter. If you suspect you are being investigated the best time to hire a criminal defense attorney is before an indictment is filed.

The sooner you retain a skilled criminal defense lawyer during the pre-indictment phase, the better off you will be. We have years of experience of dealing with the United States Attorney’s Office. Sometimes we can make an investigation go away, other times we can negotiate a resolution. When necessary we are prepared to take a case to trial.

To schedule a consultation, please contact us at (916) 440-8600 or by email.

White collar criminal investigations can take years to complete.

For the individuals or businesses who are under suspicion in these white collar crime investigations it is imperative they use this time to build the best possible defense. The lawyers at Barth Daly LLP are experienced criminal defense attorneys who have a team of experts and investigators, including retired federal law enforcement and who know how to aggressively defend against all kinds of federal crime allegations.

We are prepared to independently investigate your case and aggressively defend you against the substance of the charges. Our first step is to develop a defense strategy to defend against federal crime allegations.