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The federal government prosecutes numerous different kinds of fraud. Fraud charges are often alleged in order to bring a case in federal court where the penalties are stiffer and procedures less flexible.

Building the best possible defense against fraud allegations requires time and experience and it starts with hiring an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney. The government often spends years investigating. In order to build the best possible defense, we conduct an independant investigation and develop our own evidence to defend against federal crime allegations. Often times our work as criminal defense lawyers begins before formal charges are filed.

Tax Evasion

Tax evasion, tax fraud and other tax crimes may be charged against the taxpayer as well as other people such as business partners, corporate officers, and certain fiduciaries if those people are involved in the tax matters under investigation. Additionally, similar California state tax evasion and fraud laws may also apply.

If you think you are a target of a tax evasion or tax fraud investigation by the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID), we are the criminal defense lawyers who can resolve your case.  The criinal defense lawyers at Barth Daly LLP have successfully handled numerous tax cases in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Mortgage Fraud

The federal government actively investigates white collar crime and prosecutes alleged mortgage fraud schemes involving investors, brokers and straw buyers.

Mortgage fraud and real estate fraud charges are serious federal crimes.  People are prosecuted not only on the actual loss caused by the mortgage fraud scheme but also for intended loss which can carry long prison terms.  People accused of mortgage fraud or real estate fraud need experienced criminal defense attorneys who understand the mortgage industry to defend them in these serious federal crimes.

To schedule a consultation, please contact us at (916) 440-8600 or by email.

Mail & Wire Fraud

Mail and wire fraud charges are often used to bring fraud cases into federal court, where penalties are stiffer and procedures can be less flexible than in state court. Mail fraud and wire fraud charges are often charged in financial or white collar cases. If you have been charged with mail or wire fraud, you need to consult an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer.

Mail fraud alleges some part of a criminal scheme was carried out by use of mail. In a wire fraud allegation the government claims a phone or email was used to further a criminal scheme.

Mail fraud and wire fraud are used to prosecute a wide range of white collar crimes. If you believe you are being investigated or have been charged with mail fraud or wire fraud offenses, our experienced, aggressive criminal defense lawyers can defend you against these federal crime allegations.

Health Care Fraud

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act and the national focus on healthcare costs, health care providers and billing services have come under ever closer scrutiny, resulting in a surge in Medicare fraud and healthcare fraud charges.

The government is already aggressively prosecuting cases related to the expansion of the Affordable Care Act. Any healthcare provider accused of Medicare fraud or healthcare fraud must hire the best criminal defense attorneys available or risk losing their business.

Health Care fraud allegations arise in claims that services were not rendered, services were unnecessary, cost reports were false or there were kick-backs.

The federal government is focused on healthcare and Medicare fraud cases. If you are being investigated or are under indictment, you need a federal criminal defense attorney to provide you with the best possible defense. We have a proven record of successfully defeating Medicare fraud and healthcare fraud charges.