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Local Agency Governance

Local Agency Governance

Public agency boards must observe the Brown Act when conducting meetings.

The law intends that deliberations and actions be done openly, because public agencies exist to conduct the people’s business. Open deliberations serve the best interests of both the agency and the public. We advise public boards about Brown Act compliance, from preparation of agendas to reporting of actions taken in open and closed sessions. When we represent other entities or individuals requesting action by a public board, we know the procedural obligations of the body.

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If questions arise about a public agency’s actions, the Public Records Act guarantees access to nearly all records in the agency’s possession.

We counsel our public entity clients on responses to Public Records Act requests to ensure full disclosure. In the limited circumstances of documents protected from disclosure under the PRA, we advise the entity on the scope of those protections. Our clients who are constituents seeking information from public agencies appreciate our ability to obtain all available documents from agency staff.