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Military Law

Military Law

Members of the military hold a special status for their commitment, duty, and sacrifice for our country.

he laws that protect them and define their duties are a combination of federal and state statutes, case law, and extensive military regulations. They are entitled to a vigorous defense of criminal or administrative charges. They have various means of requesting investigation of wrongs against them and correcting adverse actions which might harm their chances for promotion, threaten the loss of pay, or end in administrative discharge.

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Our partner, Tom Barth, has extensive experience and knowledge of the statutes and regulations affecting and protecting the rights of our country’s soldiers, sailors and airmen.

A former officer in the Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps, with experience in trials and administrative hearings and in representing each side, Mr. Barth helps our military clients achieve the best outcome as they face legal challenges. He works continuously with various constituents of the California National Guard, including volunteer service in support of military justice.